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5 Best Animal Protein Sources For Your Body

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5 Best Animal Protein Sources For Your Body

This type of protein comes from animals. Animal protein is considered better than vegetable protein because it contains more essential amino acids. Amino acids are biochemical compounds that the body needs to form body tissues. Among many foods / beverages that contain animal protein, here are some of the best.

5 Best Animal Protein Sources

1. Egg
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Eggs, especially chicken eggs is one of the foods with high protein content. At 100 grams of eggs, contained about 13 grams of protein.Eggs are low in cholesterol especially on the white, but yellow contains high cholesterol around 370 mg. This meal also contains potassium (126 grams), sodium (124 grams), vitamin A 520 IU, and calcium 50 grams.

Eggs are beneficial in maintaining bone health because of its high calcium content. To consume, you can boil it if you want to get the best nutrients or dikreasikan into menu dishes such as egg rolls, crispy eggs, eggs and eggs and other processed eggs.

2. Red meat
benefits of red meat, read meat, beef steak

Red meat such as beef and mutton is one of the foods that are also rich in animal protein.The level of protein in goat meat is slightly more than beef per 100 gram with a ratio of 27:26.

But for those of you cholesterol sufferers, should reduce consumption of red meat because of its very high cholesterol content, 90 mg for beef and 75 mg for goat meat. This food is also abstinence given to pnderita stroke and heart attack. Meat is usually processed with made sate, rendang, steak, soup, or stews.

3. Chicken meat
Chicken meat, protein in chicken, chicken meatballs, chicken

Chicken even though fat and cholesterol are high enough, but also rich in protein. According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture, per 100 grams of chicken meat contained 18 grams of protein. It also contains water (65 grams), calcium (11 mg), potassium (189 mg), phosphorus (147 mg), magnesium (20 mg), sodium (70 mg), and other nutrients.

Chicken meat is useful in curing nasal diseases and also prevent the risk of cancer. Some of the preparations you can try are chicken based, chicken betutu, chicken rica-rica, chicken geprek, chicken attacker, and also chicken opor. Of course the food is so tempting.

4. Meat Fish
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Fish meat is known as a high protein food but has a low fat content. For example in the tuna that contains about 23.87 grams of protein but contains only 0.92 grams. Some types of fish such as salmon do contain high fat, but contained is not bad fat, but omega 3 fats.

This one food is useful to increase the work of brain cells and also heal and prevent the risk of some types of diseases such as cholesterol, cancer, heart attack. Meat you can taste delicious and delicious food such as fresto fish, fish pepes, grilled fish, fish curry, fried fish, and many more.

5. Milk
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Milk, this one beverage in addition to rich in vitamin D and calcium milk also contains a high enough protein, yes although not as much as the four foods above, which amounted to 3.4 grams per 100 grams. Milk should be consumed in the morning because at that time the body really needs protein intake.

In addition to maintaining bone health, milk also has the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth and also increase energy. You can drink it warm or cold, low or high temperature will not reduce the nutrients in the drink. Cover

By consuming all five foods / drinks above then you get the best protein for the body. Thus the discussion of the best source of animal protein, may be useful for all.

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